Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Review - and New Editors! #2

It hasn't been the most cheerful week in the world and the poems this week really reflect that, which is the whole point of Poetry24 and we shouldn't gloss over things.
These are all strong poems about confronting issues and, whilst they are not always "nice" to read, the skills and passion on display are very heartening.
Wind Up; Dead  by David Mellor puts one of the saddest incidents of the week into perspective. Since posting the poem, we have added David's YouTube video of the poem - worth a revisit!
Two Fingers of Champagne  by Kizmi Touche and Waste of Time  by Samantha Seto address disillusionment with society in general whilst Washing by Pat Jourdan relates a singular story that resonates all over the world.
David Subacchi's Climber (Patrick Edlinger 1960-2012) is an elegy to a mountaineer who had his own troubles in his life and we started off with Waitress Whore by Rebecca Audra Smith which looks at how women who work can be stereotyped by others.

 I am very pleased to introduce two more editors for the site. Michael Holloway - who some of you will already have had contact with this week - and Martin Bartels who will hopefully be joining us soon.

Michael Holloway
I'm the youngest of the new editors, 27 years old, and I'm from Liverpool, UK. I've been writing for about twelve years. I studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire and graduated in 2008 and I graduated with an MA Writing from Liverpool John Moores University earlier this year. I work in retail at the moment and I have been working there for the past four years where I've met some good friends and had a lot of ideas for writing. I write short fiction, poetry and I'm also working on a number of novels. I won first place in the Merseyside & Cheshire Writing Competition 2011. I've contributed to Poetry24 for about a year and I like how relevant and immediate the writing is and I look forward to being one of the editors.
Mike blogs at The Hyper Karma

Martin A. Bartels
Hello, friends! I live in the U.S. near Washington, DC, which I firmly believe despite evidence to the contrary is not the center of the universe. I have written poetry and prose, and produced various kinds of art, most of my life. I only became serious about a career as a creative professional recently--probably a midlife crisis! Clare and Martin gave me a great boost in that direction when they published my poem, "Landing", which was penned around midnight, submitted and published by 9 a.m. I was flattered beyond belief when Clare and Martin agreed to include me among the poet/editors of Poetry 24. It is a challenge to write truly relevant and news-inspired poetry, and I am convinced that Poetry 24 is an important forum with a bright future.
Martin's blog is Difficult River

We're still getting our heads around the fast-paced world of topical poetry, so thanks for your patience and keep your submissions coming!

Hamish Mack