Friday, 21 December 2012

Mayan finale and End of the World, or a New World Age

Mayan Finale

The new gods re-line the stars,
boomerang clouds to blanket
over all the ancient myths,
hammering each with iron nails. 

A Niburu parachute snags
on one, letting its ragged cloth
sink colour into sky’s pavement
until the Milky Way is bruised to purple.

And now a humming starts; then god-bees
buzz, turn to screaming rockets,
as they discover the magnetic breath
of death across the world:

electric blankets, laptops,
mobiles piled in too-late pyres
offered to a solar flare equivalent
of a hundred billion atom bombs
and all the runaway leaves,
a squared-off sun, midges darting
in sprays of reckless spittle;
mountains topped with seers

and mass suicides, mosaics
of blood across cracked cheeks,
while thirteen crows line up along
a cemetery wall, and watch
the ticking clock.

 ©Afric McGlinchey
A Hennessy Poetry winner and Pushcart nominee, Afric McGlinchey’s début collection, The lucky star of hidden things,  was published in 2012 by Salmon.  Afric lives in West Cork.

End of the World, or a New World Age

People everywhere are scurrying in fear
as the date draws near to 12/21/2012—the end
of the Mayans’ calendar; the stage set for doom:
World War, Apocalypse, Enlightenment, or peace
and a New World Age. Some Christians, too,
believe, perhaps, Revelations is coming to pass;
after all, the perfect number in the Bible is 12—

the Trinity multiplied by the four earthly elements
of water, air, earth and fire; there were 12 Disciples,
12 seals, and 12 heavenly gates (star gates?)
named for 12 tribes, guarded by 12 angels. Media
heightens the hysteria with themes of Armageddon,
Apocalyptic horrors, and theories of ancient
aliens. All cultures, religions and nations seem
to be drawing together, for once, in the belief
that the end of the age is upon us… but how

will it end? Will a sun flare set the world on fire,
or will a comet or Hubris knock Earth off its axis?
Will magnetic poles shift; will our last days
be spent in darkness? Will we blow up
the world with the H-bomb we designed to protect
ourselves? Will Jesus, Osiris-Dionysus, Vishnu, Ra,
and Buddha sit and argue about which one should

save us? Or will they just watch in judgment
as the world shrinks into a hot core, covering
us in gas and ash, burning us alive; or while
the world is beaten into bits like wadded up foil,
trash floating away to join other space

debris? Can humanity survive? Will a chosen few
hunker down in a secret government bunker
hidden deep in a mountainside to live for years
without sun, then emerge to plant seeds
in the frozen ark and begin civilization
again? Or is this just another hoax,
the gods’ secret joke—Look at these fools
expecting us to save them
from their imagination.

©Wynne Huddlestone

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Wynne's poetry can be read in nearly 40 publications. She is the winner of the 2010 Lifepress Grandmother Earth Environmental Poetry Contest.