Friday, 14 December 2012

It is a winter's tale

It’s a cold night
Making this debt ridden country
Even more difficult to bear
grit is rationed
The street lamps turned off at night

And It’s a cold night….

Making this even more difficult to bear
The elderly turn down e-ons of expensive gas
Workers wake up to see that their wages didn’t last

And somewhere someone is not thinking of any of this….
The luxury Harrods candles bought and boxed off
Windows left open as the heating is put on full throttle
The bonuses on failed enterprises keep them secure and warm

But out of my window it’s a cold night
And I really think someone might not make it through this night

But I doubt it’s you…

© David R Mellor 2012

Energy bill rises to outpace inflation

Born in Liverpool in 1964, David rummaged around various dead end jobs , then back to college and uni  . In my 20’s first discovered poetry , starting writing and performing and have done so ever since . David on Facebook and YouTube