Wednesday, 21 November 2012

UP-- UP and Away!

Like Tom Hanks in the film called BIG
I'm just a young kid in disguise,
Playing ...planning to do things I want
which I couldn't do otherwise.

Go see my creation on YouTube;
So exciting ! The idea's from UP.
My dream is to be the first man,
but to get there you need to cough up.

The balloons are all pretty colours
like my room so pretty and bright,
the carpet is blue like the ocean,
with a moon on the wall shining bright.

I will hide my teddy from cameras
and my nappy I think I can change.
My dummy sits under my blankie,
when not filming, I'll then rearrange.

Do not fear I know I will make it,
my backup's a bubble machine,
and Superman will come and save me,
and whisk me to the local latrine.

© Pippa Sherman

A cluster-balloonist is attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean using 365 helium balloons

Pippa lives in the UK and has been published in a number of anthologies and loves to write in different styles.