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Friday, 23 November 2012

Two poems about Savita

All for nothing           

Laid out
in a red wedding sari,
her life frittered away as easily
 as scattered dust.

Weeping like a child,
he whispers
her name over
     and over again.

How do we justify this?

© Amy Barry

Savita laid out in wedding sari

Amy Barry has worked in the media industry as a Public Relations officer. Her poems have been published in Ireland and abroad. She lives in Athlone, Ireland.

The other side

A victim of our throwaway society
no voice to protest
no means to fight
a collection of cells
that is a part of you and me.

Who gives me the power to
because the time is not right?

I cut it out as I would
a tumour
discard it like a used napkin
stained and besmirched

the only malignancy it
carries is a threat
to bring out the best,

or the worst

 in us.

© Niamh Hill

Savita death leads to call for clearer NI abortion law

Niamh Hill is a former accountant and primary school teacher on a career break, indulging in yoga, reading and writing. 

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