Saturday, 3 November 2012

Funfair Washed Out To Sea In Hurricane Sandy

They’re swimming with the fishes now,
the fading memories of those who rode
the rollercoaster’s dips and curves
on summer nights: 
the centrifugal swerves,
the terror, screams and laughter,
tangled views
of faces, earth and sky,
and out beyond the lights,
the ocean,

where all is silenced now
in the icy suck and surge
of waves breaking
through the metal frame
sprawled sideways on a ruined shore.

There are many things that matter more,
but as they sweep the brown tide
from their homes,
do those who count their losses
feel a special pang
for funfair rides and neon nights,
for innocence and youth?
For when the great colossus
mocked their fear,
their half-screamed reassurances
before their fears began:
‘Of course it’s safe, you wuss,
relax!  It would take
a hurricane to knock this down.’

© Sinead Cotter

Super storm Sandy: Aerial footage shows devastation

Sinead lives in Dublin and has had work published in the Sunday Tribune and the Irish Independent. She's currently working on her first poetry collection.