Thursday, 22 November 2012

Eating Invasives

Have you ever thought
of helping the planet
by eating the enemy--
and savoring each bite?

Now, this is not an ought,
and you may not think it right,
whatever, but an honest
indictment of our eating our friends!
I, for one, agree.

Bend your mind,
and slip that snail in head first,
then move to wild boar,
(No stink bugs on the menu!),
and disregard the idea
of the prickly spears that
guard the lion fish from predators—
the white meat tastes like
“Oh! Please don’t say chicken!”

I’m lickin’ my chops over
this menu of soft shell crabs
(unless the water is polluted),
then leaping, like a frog,
into the “legs,” and
lying down after that meal,
and feeling both full
and sanctimonious!

Considering Vegetarianism--
but after Thanksgiving.

© Kay Weeks

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