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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Compliance vs Education

So how are you meant to decide
what a 'good school' or bad school is?
Reports, exams, do you trust them?
Or believe what the summary says.

"We pride ourselves on our good marks,
our Ofsted reports, they're the best!
Great teaching-no bullies-remarkable meals,
our school always passes the test."

Now I have a friend in Ofqual,
they know the schools' tricks of the trade.
Marking, assessments, that sort of thing
to ensure they all get the best grade.

Assessments given back to the students,
to edit the project just done,
a tweak here a tweak there, "That's better."
Each pupil they check one by one.

So advice to employers today;
on interviews just go by your gut,
you'll know when there is a good prospect
for 'The System' needs a kick- up -the -butt.

©  P. Sherman

GCSE row: Teacher accuses Ofqual of 'covering tracks'

Sherman lives in the UK and has been published in a number of anthologies and loves to write in different styles and  genres,  due to this has started to write under different names according to style. 


  1. A very insightful (and inciteful?) appraisal of how the education system works. If true, then Ofqual is completely meaningless.

  2. Thanks Peter unfortunately quite a high percentage is true, maybe not every school by any means, but I find it worrying it should be happening at all, hence the last stanza.