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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Coded Message

A coded message never read,
Attached to pigeon, long since dead,
Which rested in its weary flight,
Revealed at last, exposed to light,
A folded scrap, a paper shred.

The secret words could not be said,
Their import far too great, instead
A cypher expert had to write,
The coded message.

Top secret words in code embed,
And seal them in a capsule red,
Then send them flying through the night.
With Bletchley Park within its sight,
Fate took a hand and left unread
     The coded message.

© Marilyn Brindley

Quest to crack secrets of lost D-Day pigeon

Marilyn is a retired primary school head teacher, who now has the time to indulge in the writing and reading the works of other creative individuals. She blogs at


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  2. A rondeau par excellence Marilyn. Always said, you can never trust a pigeon

    1. Thank you Peter. Poor pigeon, he was doing his best!

  3. loved this one - interesting tale too... Jane Slavin