Monday, 5 November 2012


They brought you home
Just for a day
Outside the museum
Near where I work
Four great wheels
Shining white body
Not like the day
On the Pembrokeshire sands
When you rolled
Coming to rest upright
Facing the sea
Your driver a Wrexham man
Already dead at the wheel

They had to break some bones
To free the lifeless body
Before the flames took hold
Then there at Pendine
They dug a great hole
Burying you for 40 years
Until an enthusiast
Dug you up
Hour after hour
Of loving labour
To restore your former glory
So then they brought you home
Just for a day

And I forgot
Gazing at my computer
Struggling with statistics
Fretting about the misery
That is work today
I forgot
Time was I would have been first
To welcome you
With camera flashing
But I forgot

Just yards away
From where my
Grimy Vauxhall was parked
I forgot
Was it age or madness
Distraction or stupidity
This morning back at my desk
Waiting for the day to boot up
A stick-it reminder note
Falls from off the screen
I crumple it angrily
Flinging it into the bin
Written down one word only

© David Subacchi

Car that broke land speed record comes to Wrexham museum

David Subacchi’s first English language collection ‘First Cut’ was published by Cestrian Press earlier this year.