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Monday, 26 November 2012

A Boy’s Life in Gaza

My life is not supposed to be like this.
The air strike
lights up the night sky as bright as day.

Mother puts my head in her lap,
I feel her stroking my hair.
Pain rises in waves,
crashing into me.
My eyes, unable to focus,
my hearing capable only
of taking rhythm and cadence.
Slowly words begin to take
on discrete sounds,
then come meaning
and comprehension.
Mother tells me
I will be saved.

When a person dies, the people cry.
I can see mother crying.
Dream fragments
float past behind my eyes.
Life hasn’t been fair to me.

© Amy Barry

Israeli aircraft strike crowded Gaza areas, civilian death toll climbs 

Amy Barry has worked in the media industry as a Public Relations officer. Her poems have been published in Ireland and abroad. She lives in Athlone, Ireland.


  1. I imagined his father elsewhere in the neighborhood, 'shielded' by other innocent children, firing rockets at Israeli cities where children want a fair life.

  2. A poignant piece Amy. A powerful piece that shows that no matter what "side" one is on, peace is all that people crave. Well done Amy.

  3. Hi Buttercup,
    Thank you for the visit. Yes, it is indeed true, peace is all that everyone deserves.

    Cheeers & have a good day yourself!