Friday, 19 October 2012

The Patsy

What we need is a patsy, a fall guy:
we've a mind to find someone to blame;
we're thinking we'll launch an enquiry
in the hope it will throw up a name.
We'll need to go back through our archives
to establish where things went awry:
it won't be straightforward, of that we're convinced;
but, still, we're determined to try.

We need to come up with some answers;
our backs to the wall are hard pressed:
there's been some suggestion we knew all along
but hushed it all up at some big-wig's behest;
and, yes, this is all  speculation;
at the moment, we're still in the clear;
but, sooner or later, a stone will be turned
and heaven knows what will appear.

So, we need to come up with a scapegoat.
Now who have we got who might serve,
some capo who knows how to keep his mouth shut
and is willing to fall on his sword;
or, perhaps, some poor chap who is ripe to retire
and doesn't have too much to lose;
we'll double his pension and see he's ok
in exchange for a week in the news.

In the meantime we'll have an enquiry
to cut through the swathes of  red tape.
Who do we have that the punters will trust
to establish an open and honest debate?
Who do we have in our pockets?
Transparency must be the key.
Don't worry, old man: I'll cover your back,
if you'll do the same thing for me.

© Abigail Wyatt

Hillsborough disaster: watchdog to launch biggest ever inquiry into police

Jimmy Savile sex scandal: BBC apologises to 'victims' as it launches two inquiries 

Abigail is one of the three founding members of the Red River Poets. The latter will be appearing at the Heartlands Project in Cornwall, 29th September, as part of 100 Thousand Poets for Change.