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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday Supplement

Noel Loftus started our week with a small and delicate poem prompted by the search for missing 5 year old April Jones in west Wales, Always A Baby.
Anthony Baverstock continues to educate and enthral with unusual poetry forms. This week he treated us to a qasida, a pre-Arabic narrative form, allowing us to 'feel the age-old rhythms stir desert sand' as the Warrior Poet recounts his tale of love and loss and deeds to be remembered.

We had a shorter... but not so sweet poem from Philip Challinor on the defacing of art in Posthumous Collaboration but regular contributor Vala Hafstad's verse was on collaborations of a different kind: Vala continues to keep up us up to date on the wackier side of the news, this week with horny bovines texting their booty calls for a Hot Date
The UK's political conference season has not inspired many to wax poetic, so we were happy to welcome new contributor Philipos who had a few words to say in How Down at the Hyatt? about 'triumphal borismus / a portly olympostatic one'.

We're so short of submissions at the moment I even snuck in one of my own: Out of my depth - it was that or the test card. So do, please, keep your poems coming in or it will be nail-biting times here at Poetry24... which brings me to a poem from Kay Weeks on that very subject, below.

Have a good week

Clare (& Martin)

Nail Biting

I’m biting nails—thought it was OK--
Pathology has named it, Aw, Gee whiz!
Down to quick, and OCD, dismay;
It’s just another kind of “not their biz!”

© Kay Weeks

Nail Biting: Mental Disorder Or Just A Bad Habit?


Kay Weeks said...

Thanks for including my piece in your supplement!

Little Nell said...

Very funny Kay!

Sabio Lantz said...

Funny, Kay. My son has bitten. But it was a phase it seems. But it may return.
But claiming something as you own is very powerful -- and I will recommend it to him should he not stop it the next time.