Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Review

Where do you find the inspiration for a poem?

In the silence of nature perhaps? Where E R Olsen found Rachel’s Eagle, commemorating fifty years since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring inspired the environmental movement.  Or maybe further back in history, where Geraldine Green found Power Lines of greed for natural resources spanning the centuries from Roman times to recent news of fresh gas and oil rigs on Walney.

You might find a poem in the lonely hearts, where Vala Hafsted found the modern A Fairy Tale of the Hong Kong businessman offering big bucks to the man who woos his lesbian daughter. Or in what has been discarded, like the man who got his head stuck in a bin in Aberdeen - A rubbish choice for a hat according to Fran Hill.

You might find a poem in the complexity of science, by extracting the DNA of designer babies - like Wynne Huddleston in Double Helix: Memories of Me - to raise important questions about God and sushi. Or it could simply be a photograph that inspires you, like Scott Devon's Shortly After Takeoff which used images of the air crash in Nepal to capture the chillingly short attention span of the news consumer.

Whatever in the news inspires you to write a poem, we hope it does so soon - we're particularly low on submissions at the moment!

Have a good - and poetic - week.

Clare (and Martin)