Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Review

It's been a hokey pokey week, here at Poetry 24, with perhaps more outs than ins.

Philip Challinor's Occupy protestors in The Cleansing of the Templewere trying to stay in IN by chaining themselves to the pulpit in St Paul's, but 'the money-changers, most devout, / Then took the poor, and threw them' OUT.

Spasibo - was a thank you from US poet James Schwarz to queer Russians who, having been IN 'iron closet' were vilified for nailing their colours to the mast on Coming OUT day. On the subject of another bigotted attack, E R Olsen's simple mathematics in poetic form added up to a terrible equation about the appalling shooting of Pakistani student Malala who only wanted to stay IN school.

Two for the price of one, with two different perspectives on Felix in Free Fall - the Austrian daredevil's mind-bending descent when he jumped OUT of a balloon 24 miles above the surface of the earth: Helena Nolan explored the nature of falling, while Anthony Baverstock, master of the modern fairy tale, describes him being ... wait for it... SHAKEN ALL ABOUT during his 'strato-stupendulous' freefall and wonders what his mother will do.

Also on the subject of fall guys, Abigail Wyatt suspects nothing will come OUT of two enquiries launched this week  - into the police cover up of details around the Hillsborough disaster and creepy TV star Jimmy Savile's long and predatory reign at the BBC. They will both find The Patsy - 'some capo who knows how to keep his mouth shut / and is willing to fall on his sword;'

Saturday was for shopping again with Laura Taylor's blistering Smart Card Shopping Fest on the latest government HOKEY POKEY* - smart cards for those feckless persons who want to buy drink and other treats - which really shouldn't be allowed to according to British politician Ian Duncan Smith.

That's what it's all been about this week, and we're still low on submissions, folks!

Have a good week.

Clare (and Martin)

* I'm using the American version of Hokey Cokey because it fits better with politicians poking their noses in!