Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Review

Hallowe'en is imminent, and autumn is slipping its leash, allowing us to slide into the shorter days and darkness of winter. The current rash of news stories are doing little to cheer us up, and this has resulted in some pretty sombre submissions, this week.

Anthony Baverstock started the ball rolling with My Name was Amanda Todd, a harrowing poem about a 15 year old girl who killed herself after being bullied online. We included the link to a video she posted on YouTube, where she tells her story in a set of handwritten notes. One of the saddest things I've witnessed in a long while.

On Tuesday, Jane Slavin brought us, Who Killed Cock Robin… the sorry tale of how the environment ministry licensed the killing of two robins and a wren, after they became trapped in a food factory and were considered a threat to public health.

Next, Not On the 9 O'Clock News!  Philip Johnson was disturbed by the apparent reluctance on the part of the BBC, to deal with Jimmy Savile's alleged paedophilia, despite rumours of his inappropriate behaviour as far back as 1973.

It's more than three weeks since five-year-old April Jones disappeared whilst playing near her home in Machynlleth, mid-Wales. David Subacchi tells how "‘STOP’ is the anguished word on the lips of everyone,"  as the town's clock tower is lit up up in April's favourite colour, pink.

On Friday, Abigail Wyatt highlighted new advice given to doctors and health and social workers by Liberal Democrat Care Minister Norman Lamb at a conference on end-of-care, on how to select candidates for a "living will."

And Anna rounded out the week with Black Holes and Worried Souls, inspired by a German woman who feared the Earth would be sucked into oblivion in a black hole, caused by the Large Hadron Collider.

Touching wood that we'll all manage to get through the coming week, please don't let the prospect of black holes stop you from writing news-related poems for us. We are extremely low on submissions, so now is a good time to tell you about our new email address. All submissions should now be sent to us at Clare and I decided that this would make the submission process easier for everyone. All we need now, is for you to try it out. So, bracing myself for a flurry of topical poetry (Clare's on her hols until next Friday) I'd like to wish you a great week ahead.