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Thursday, 25 October 2012


The word on the road at Machynlleth
Reads ‘STOP’, here before the great clock
That dominates the town, traffic
From the east must halt if only
For a second, checking for vehicles
Approaching from the north and south
Before moving on

And for many who don’t know it
That’s all there is, ‘STOP’
Stop by the clock, perhaps
Pause at Glyndwr’s parliament house
Or pick up petrol at one
Of the garages that guard
Each entrance to this place
Maybe a visit to The Plas
Or the Alternative Technology Centre

But today this modest
Mid Wales market town
Is catapulted into the spotlight
As a child fires a stone at the sun
By evil deeds committed
Against a girl that never
Did harm to anyone

And in Machynlleth now
‘STOP’ is the anguished word
On the lips of everyone.

© David Subacchi

April Jones: Clock Tower Lit Three Weeks On 

David Subacchi’s first English language collection ‘First Cut’ was published by Cestrian Press earlier this year. He is a regular contributor to ‘Poetry 24’.


  1. That's very good David. It made me feel a bit of what they must be going through there.

  2. Thank you Hamish.

  3. very sad and painful reflection


  4. Good strong poem ... STOP by a clock stops anyone everywhere (it did me) ... and then the context ... I don't know the backstory, but now I sort of do. I love the sounds of well-written poetry, here, the sad music.


  5. Thank you Isbaseen.

    You can do an internet search for the background to this tragic story - search on April Jones + Machynlleth.