Saturday, 20 October 2012

Smart Card Shopping Fest

It’s a Smart Card shopping fest
No frittering of benefits
on booze and lovely cigarettes
No choice no voice
No clubcard points
It’s credit in reverse

Unfantastic this new plastic
Technically illegal
That won’t stop the government
from ploughing through
the bank accounts
that don’t belong to them

‘You’re a problem family,
draining the economy,
ruining the country
with your drug-addicted ways
Yes we know you didn’t start it all
nor did you have a part
in continuing the dive into the shitter
But frittering your benefits
on booze and lovely cigarettes
makes the Daily Mailers apoplectic
And now we have to make a point
so rather than claim taxes due
we’ll drain the blood from poor people

When shopping list autonomy
becomes a thing of history
I suggest we shoplift all we need
and then
no more Smart Card shopping fest
We’ll smuggle all our cigarettes
and sup our booze within the Tesco aisles
No choice no voice
No clubcard points
But all the paupers will rejoice
and luxury will come to us for free   
Oh yes

©  Laura Taylor

  'No booze' smart cards for benefit claimants who spend their handouts on drugs and alcohol

Award-winning poet Laura Taylor is a regular festival and open-mic night guest performer throughout the North West of England. She has been writing and performing poetry for two years, and has been widely published.