Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Shortly After Takeoff

I saw this photo today, you know,
Of the crash. I thought l could see a face
In the flames, looking right back at me.
One last look before the smoke smothered it.

I heard a woman on the radio today,
She’d known one of them, l forget which.
She choked on her words, tears, l think,
Then a pop song was played.

Do you remember those photos of Concorde,
The ones with the flames? Engine fault wasn’t it,
Or maybe it hit something on the runway?
I remember reading that or something like it.

Was a good photo though, you know.
Really striking. Memorable.

© Scott Devon

Seven British tourists killed in Nepal plane crash

Scott is head of neo:writers, and run the international neo:poetryprize. He holds an MA in Creative Writing from MMU, and has been published in the UK and America.