Thursday, 4 October 2012

Power Lines

Now it’s drilling for oil
and gas under
Walney – but not
in the birds’ breeding season.

Nuclear powered subs from Vickers
carrying nuclear warheads
nuclear waste
coming in from Japan
to be re-processed
up the coast at Calder Hall,
call it what you will.

Wind farms way out on the back of the seal road, whale road,
roaring fathom wide road
, Irish Sea, snagging
migrating birds.

Then it was power fired
from Eskmeals gun range
just down the coast from St. Bees
and again dull
spout of water rising
way out to sea
near Ravenglass
Port of Romans, anchored
there two thousand years ago,
searching fellsides for iron to smelt
for weapons.

Now it’s drilling,
drilling, drilling.

© Geraldine Green

Firm wins permission to drill for gas on Walney

Cumbrian poet Geraldine Green has read and been published in the UK, USA, Italy and Greece. Her latest collection The Other Side of the Bridge was published in July 2012.