Monday, 22 October 2012

My name was Amanda Todd

In 7th grade
     I would go with friends
          on webcam
got called stunning,
     wanted me to flash...
          So I did....

Im stuck...
     whats left of me now...
          nothing stops
The girl and 2 others just said
     look around
          nobody likes you.
A guy than yelled
     just punch her already
          So she did..

Kids filmed it.
     I was all alone
          and left on the ground.
was on facebook –
     She deserved it,
          did you wash the mud out of your hair?
I felt like a joke in this world...
     I thought
          nobody deserves this :/

All from my past..
     lifes never getting better..
          cant go to school
meet or be with people...
     constantly cutting.
          Im really depressed.
I have nobody
     I need someone
          my name is Amanda Todd....

© Anthony Baverstock

Author's note: I pondered for quite a while over whether or not to tidy up Amanda’s spelling and grammar. Finding the case for each option equally strong, I decided in the end to leave her text exactly as she wrote it.

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Anthony Baverstock is from Colchester, reputed home of Humpty-Dumpty.