Friday, 12 October 2012

How Down at the Hyatt?

i think i mean hoedown
or should it be showdown
i ought to check with boris
that man around town
brown-nosing for cameron
after ‘a bloody good lunch’
before the fudgearama

there was a soviet twang
about bearded rasputins
and triumphal borismus
a portly olympostatic one
even squirrels got a plug
well-fed ones of course

in an up market hotel
where chandeliers
outshine silverware and
cut-glass accents abound
airs of expectation arose
among the snooty-nosed

yet who could outshine
him with the blond mane
renowned for transgressions
with the nearest game bird

at insane bozzo hq there’s
one hell of a stew brewing
so prime minister beware
your front bench as well
as your posterior is at risk

et tu boris?

© Philipos

Conservative conference: Masses hail Boris Johnson as he swoops into town

Philipos began writing poetry near Cape Town back in the mid-90s, appearing on local radio and TV programmes. Now his offerings occasionally feature in local UK magazines, etc.