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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hot Date

I’m writing a quick SMS.
It’s faster than mail sent express.
I’m restless and sick
With love, so come quick.
My darling, I am in distress.

I’m glad I discovered this phone.
Its ratings are not overblown.
My spelling is checked
With auto-correct,
For errors it will not condone.

I do not use Facebook or tweet.
For that I am way too discreet.
I’ve seen people boast
Of dumb things and post
Obscenities they can’t delete.

Remember the postcards of old.
I used to write words that were bold
To tell of my state.
The card might come late.
I’d panic – my love uncontrolled.

I need you, my dearest, right now.
Excuses I will not allow.
My love is complete
For now I’m in heat.
Love, Bella the beautiful cow.
© Vala Hafstad

Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They’re in Heat

Vala Hafstad lives in Minnesota. She writes humorous poems for children and, occasionally, their parents.


  1. Ha ha. Funny! Whatever next?!

    1. Thank you, Fran. Who knows what the future has in store.

  2. Whatever next indeed!

    Poor Bella.

    Anna :o]

  3. Dear Bella, you're out on the pull,
    And now you have scored to the full;
    Don't worry, don't fear,
    For your beefcake is here:
    Your best technological bull.

    1. Thank you, Philip. I will forward this to Bella right away. She will be delighted.

  4. Vala this is a very witty response. I love the idea of a cow weighing up the pros and cons of tweeting and postcard writing. Best of all a card delayed in the post causing panic! Very well done.

    1. Thank you very much, Little Nell.