Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hot Date

I’m writing a quick SMS.
It’s faster than mail sent express.
I’m restless and sick
With love, so come quick.
My darling, I am in distress.

I’m glad I discovered this phone.
Its ratings are not overblown.
My spelling is checked
With auto-correct,
For errors it will not condone.

I do not use Facebook or tweet.
For that I am way too discreet.
I’ve seen people boast
Of dumb things and post
Obscenities they can’t delete.

Remember the postcards of old.
I used to write words that were bold
To tell of my state.
The card might come late.
I’d panic – my love uncontrolled.

I need you, my dearest, right now.
Excuses I will not allow.
My love is complete
For now I’m in heat.
Love, Bella the beautiful cow.
© Vala Hafstad

Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They’re in Heat

Vala Hafstad lives in Minnesota. She writes humorous poems for children and, occasionally, their parents.