Monday, 1 October 2012

Double Helix: Memories of Me

Our cells define us, we’ve discovered,
for better, or for worse, within the combination
of our bodies’ sugars, phosphates and acids
is a recipe, a double helix; instructions for making
us who we are— not just our coloring, but
which diseases we inherit. Now we hold
this double-edged sword that we may use
to choose life or death for our bodies…
for our souls?

Our cells have memory— the heart beats
faster and louder when in the presence
of those it loves, whether in our body, or transplanted
into someone else’s.  Likes and dislikes are written
in our organs—a new kidney can turn
a preacher’s wife into a sultry vixen; a couch potato
into a serious biker.

The sperm in the flood of a million others knows
he is the one destined
to fertilize the egg; how can we force
this in a dish? How long before our DNA is rewritten
to perfect us? How long before we are cloned
for body parts?

how will we know which of us is real?
how will we know if we like Sushi or not?
how will we know if we are athletic or artistic?
how will our heart recognize who we love?

How will our souls find God?

© Wynne Huddleston

A big step toward 'designer babies' – and big questions

Wynne Huddleston’s poetry can be read in nearly 40 publications. She is the winner of the 2010 Lifepress Grandmother Earth Environmental Poetry Contest. Learn more about Wynne, HERE.