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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A rubbish choice for a hat

I needed a hat as my old one was fraying and tatty.
I went in a shop.  They said, ‘Sir, we’ve a new one outside.
Just step out the door and you’ll see it right there on the pavement.
The latest design, it is one you can wear with much pride.’
I asked, ‘Can I try it?’  They said, ‘Sir, our aim is to please you
and we’re sure it will look really wonderful on you, it’s true!
It’s not like a normal hat.  Just bend down here.  Put your head in.
Oh yes, what a fit!  It’s so snug, as if made just for you!’
I put the hat on and then wondered, from inside the headgear
whether hats that you couldn’t take off were a new current fashion,
because, try as I might, I could not free myself from its ‘snugness’
and was further upset, too, to find that it had lots of trash in.
        I heard them all laughing as I shouted ‘Help!’ from within
        the worst kind of hat that my poor head had ever bin in.

© Fran Hill

Man freed after getting his head stuck in bin in Aberdeen

Fran lives in the West Midlands (UK). She teaches English in a local secondary school, writes, performs, blogs, tweets and tries to resist chocolate. 


Little Nell said...

Bin there, done that! A very funny response to a rather quirky news item Fran. One assumes he was trying to retrieve something he had mistakenly discarded. Well, let us pretend this was so.

goinghome said...

I laughed! Very refreshing. : )

Fran Hill said...

Little Nell - Goodness knows what he was doing in there. But it's given us all a good laugh, poor chap, at his expense.

Thanks, Caroline, for reading, and for your comment.

Vala H. said...

Well done!

Fran Hill said...

Thanks, Vala.

Peter Goulding said...

Loved the fashion / trash in rhyme! And the 'bin in' pun at the end

Fran said...

Thank you, Peter. Terrible puns. But fun puns!