Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Selection

We look at them all, one by one.
It gives us such pleasure and fun.
We’re women who know what we need,
And now it is time to proceed.

He’s colorful, humorous, smart,
And seems to appreciate art,
So strikingly handsome and strong,
But what do you think of the thong?

The next one is sensitive, frail,
Amazingly skinny and pale;
A poet who published this year-
Romantic, without a career.

Right next to him, someone well dressed,
Who seems a bit nervous and stressed.
An architect out of a job,
Who might be a bit of a snob.

And here is one holding a bat.
What could be the meaning of that?
Who knows what he’s planning to hit?
I know I don’t want to be it.

And this one is playing the blues.
His arms have outrageous tattoos.
He holds an expensive guitar
And looks like he might be a star.

But that one is charming as well-
Apparently went to Cornell.
His eyes are intelligent, blue.
Forgive me for liking the view.

This store, I must say, is first class.
We look at the goods through a glass.
The carts are enormous in size.
They must be:  we’re shopping for guys.

© Vala Hafstad

Shopping for Mr Right in Paris at the 'adopt-a-guy' boutique - BBC

Vala lives in Minnesota.  She enjoys writing humorous poems.