Saturday, 29 September 2012

The God Particle

Far below the Swiss-French border hides
Cern’s Large Hadron Collider, its one
aim to unveil  the bases of all
things by crashing beams to strike a spark
from high-speed energies: the sly God
particle too chaste for eyes to see.

Those bits, as far as Plato could see,
comprise the universe where life hides
in matter; the Pleroma of God
imperfectly copied from the One
who lights the darkness with the spark
that animates the chaos of it all.

Science tries to retro-model how all
came to be, filching concepts to see
systems of phenomena, shy spark
aside that with religion hides
beside truth and reason, leading one
to wonder about scientists without God.

The map is not what is, or what God
made, the beautifully-dressed earth, all
planted, watered planet, th’only one
to sustain growth and creatures who see
with conscious presence. This witness hides.
Behind the manifold dwells the Spark.

Sages down the ages claimed the spark;
its myriad images called God,
even as it runs away and hides
to stay free for ready hire by all.
Undemanding innocents can see
In a grain infinity in one.

Contemplatives say they feel as one
in states at rest accessing the spark.
They tell of sublime visions they can see
and of direct messages from God.
The divine ordinary in all
is near as breath; now it shows, now hides.

In Lila the one I love to see
spins off and hides with the stolen spark
from my heart all splayed when I hark God.

© Caroline Hurley

God or the God Particle: Are Science and Faith really in Conflict?
Caroline's poems have been published in e-magazine, The Electric Acorn. She recently returned to post-graduate psychology studies and has also written a novel, short stories, and both a stage and screenplay.