Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Supplement + 2 poems

Fran Hill started the week steering us Towards The Exit with its chilling 'the library will close in five minutes'. With library closures being in many areas the 'leaflet on cuts' struck a chord with me as I work in a library and we've been handing them out too. Vala Hafstad lightened the mood as ever with her Dark Advice - but if being kept in the dark really makes you lose weight, wouldn't we all be a lot slimmer?

Dowry Fires from new contributor Usha Kishore took on a heady, visceral journey through the sights, sounds and smells of India from fragrant, bangle-tinkling wedding to horrific dowry fires which kill one young woman every hour. Disturbing echoes of abuse pervade Caroline Hurley's Grey Shades, Thin Lines too - running the gamut from wife-beater to Pygmalion, to sub and dom and beyond.

But there's Nothing Nouveau says Noel Loftus, taking a well-deserved pop at modern art. And nothing wrong with the traditional -Wendy Nicholson's Moon Landing had the feel of a song from earlier times and it's rhythms took us nicely from a small speck to a giant leap in a final tribute to Neil Armstrong.

I just want to finish by mentioning a topical poem we didn't bag for Poetry24, but is exactly the sort of thing we're all about: Have a look at UK Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy's poem for the Liverpool Echo on the Hillsborough Report findings announced this week - a topical poem that struck a chord with many people.

We have two new short poems below - one a reverent remembrance from Douglas Polk, the other... erm... less so... a final word from Philip Challinor.

Have a great week and keep writing!

Clare (and Martin)

Two poems

In Remembrance

the towers gone,
Bin Laden dead,
the dreams now,
and unrecognizable,
the world,
a different and dangerous place,
but the reality,
the world changed,
only inside our heads,
death always lurked,
only before,
out of view,
the date,
a reminder,
the towers gone,
Bin Laden dead.

© Douglas Polk

Douglas Polk is a writer of poetry, from central Nebraska. Feeling persecuted most of his life he has published three books of poetry; In My Defense, The Defense Rests, and On Appeal. He lives with his wife and two boys and two dogs on the plains of Nebraska.

And finally....

An Inappropriate Tribute 

I am outraged! I cannot dismiss
So dreadful a scandal as this!
Dance on Maggie's grave,
After all that she gave?
Don't they know? Don't they care? Can't they piss?

© Philip Challinor

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