Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Review

We've been a bit light on content this week, but Abigail Wyatt advised us to keep an Ear to the Ground, after a 'day of action' against Atos, the private health firm responsible for  back-to-work testing, and Paralympic sponsor.

Stuart Nunn brought our attention to the background stories of some Paralympic competitors with his list poem, simply entitled, Paralympics. A sobering reminder of life-changing moments that started a chain reaction of challenges most of us can only try to imagine.

Still on the them of sport, it was a gaelic football match that inspired Noel Loftus to write 19 16, and highlight the banality of sports punditry and commentary.

We had nothing to publish on Thursday, then Philip Johnson's lonesome held the fort for Friday and Saturday.

Do keep sending us your poems. It's not the same without them.

Have a good week.

Martin, and Clare.