Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Review

There's been a lot of mooning about here at Poetry24 this week. It all began with two playful poems about a Prince's 'mooning' exploits in Sin City - Noel Loftus was Wild About Harry! in a biblical way, while Gwen Seabourne was in tabloid headline mode (more like The Sun?).

In the light of her 'waxing gibbous moon' Kay Weeks mused whether it was gods or the elements who caused the Shut Down: Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida  and new contributor Michael Ray's Ferrymen used the light of the moon to navigate Dhaka's terrifying Buriganga River.

Anthony Baverstock's Old English riddle You love me you say teased us with disturbing images. In fact it referred to a Spanish grandmother's botched attempts at restoring a fresco. Her moon-faced Christ is being widely spoofed around the internet.

In Fran Hill's  Yeats had the same opinion, council plans to encroach on Wilfred Owen's birthplace are seen in the same light as W.B. Yeats's dismissal of the poet. Did you know Yeats was a bit of an amateur astrologer? (You see - Poetry24 is very educational! Well - it certainly taught me a lesson!)

By the light of this week's blue moon - which spookily coincided with the funeral of the first man on the moon. We  finished by Three short poems on astronaut, Neil Armstrong from AiJ, Gwen Seabourne and Anthony Baverstock, all showed different aspects of the man and the mission.

Feedback on feedback
Last week we asked for some feedback about the site and our way of working. Some of you replied in the comments but many more did so by email. It was great to hear your ideas and niggles along with the many positive comments. And it was good to get to know more about many of you and your lives in the process - if one of us hasn't replied to you yet, we will do soon!

A big thank you to everyone who responded! We're still compiling the results but a very strong consensus is that we should stick to our guidelines, focus more on quality and keep letting you know when we are low on submissions, so...

We are low on submission. Keep them coming!

Have a great week

Clare & Martin