Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Review

The week started with the eternal search for 'self' from Vala Hafstad with Lost and Found - an entertaining take on the tourist in Iceland who ended up in a search party looking for herself! Also lost and found was the subject of the first of two cracking sestinas we published this week: Jan Harris's Letter to Lyuba - a compassionate missive to the recently unearthed Russian mammoth they may be close to cloning.

There was discussion, too, on semantics. Abigail Wyatt's Of Patriarchs and Plebs and Others Such compared words which have been endlessly analysed in the British press this week from MP Andrew Mitchell and footballer John Terry. Meanwhile Irish poet Michael Ray's Slippery slopes and thin ends of wedges offered a spiffing examination of how 'Britishisms' are infecting American speech.

Moving on to the religious material, in Rites and wrongs Afric McGlinchey made a blistering attack on the Catholic church. Germany's controversial tax on believers applies to Protestants and Jews too, but the Catholics, already mired in child abuse scandals Not to mention the mass / lining of a million burrowed pockets, have been in the spotlight with threats to excommunicate those who don't pay up.  And we finished with Caroline Hurley's The God Particle which I am neither scientifically or religiously equipped to comment on, but is nevertheless a fine sestina. The divine ordinary in all / is near as breath; now it shows, now hides.

Finally, there's an interview with me about Poetry24 at  Lancashire Writing Hub this week - so if you want to know more about what we're doing here, how we work and what we are - and aren't - looking for, click on the link.

... and keep them coming!

Clare (and Martin)

And finally... a Sunday 'Short' by Vicky Ellis.

The Burglar’s Oath

I swear by Almighty Mars
That the Property I take
Is not the Person
in corpore
And nowt like the Muppet
Lest I get shot

© Vicky Ellis

Burglary is offence against person as well as property, says senior judge

Vicky is a prize-winning poet, storyteller, singer-songwriter and editor.  Her mission is to decipher the world around her from a feminist perspective. Read more about her, HERE.