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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Seriously Pleasant

How pleasant to know Mr Lear,
Who has got an Ashmolean show!
He's just turned two hundred this year;
Not many remembered it, though.

That child is unlucky and rare
Who none of his nonsense absorbs;
But adults have wonder to spare
For his ornithological daubs.

Though he failed at the Spanish vernacular,
At all the globe's corners he drew;
His landscapes, it seems, are spectacular,
And (possibly) runcible, too.

Though sadly their fame is belated,
How fortunate that they are here!
In ways that are yet under-rated,
How pleasant to know Mr Lear!

© Philip Challinor

It's not all nonsense: exhibition shows the artistic side of Lear

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  1. Excellent! A wonderful tribute to a very talented, but probably misunderstood, artist and poet.

  2. Thanks. A shame his bicentennial has received so little attention; although perhaps not altogether surprising given the greater nonsense of the jubilee and the Atos Olympics. An epileptic depressive who painted pictures and wrote silly verses? Why wasn't he out flipping burgers?

  3. Pathetic though it may seem but as a child in Ireland I could not distinguish between King and Edward and still can not. You have fine artists with pen and with paint but methinks.........

  4. Indeed a wonderful tribute and until I read this I was unaware it was his becentennial...

    Anna :o]