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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Lane 1
            Bali Nightclub bombing
                        12 October 2002
Lane 2
            Iran/Iraq War
Lane 3
            Northern Ireland punishment beating
                        23 June 1991
Lane 4
            Improvised Explosive Device, Sangin, Afghanistan
                        2 December 2003
Lane 5
            Oklahoma City bombing
                        19 April 1995
Lane 6
            Motorcycle crash, A5, Staffordshire
                        13 February 2005
Lane 7
            Second Chechen War
Lane 8
            Forgotten landmine, Vietnam
                        6 October 2001
“On your marks.”

© Stuart Nunn

Paralympics 2012: Richard Whitehead says T42 200m final 'went to plan'

Stuart Nunn is an athletics official and retired lecturer living in South Gloucestershire.


Anonymous said...

Very original, well done on throwing a spanner in the usual mix NL

Fran said...

That really brings it home, doesn't it? Great idea.

Jim Bennett said...

I love this poem Stuart, it says so much. I had an Olympic theme poem a few weeks ago.

Stuart Nunn said...

Thanks to Jim, Fran and anonymous. Glad it worked for you.

ThePoet Geo said...

Wow: warp factor 10!

Anonymous said...

Dear Stuart,
Really great paralympics!
Regards, SK

Vala H. said...

Very original!