Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nothing Nouveau

Now every photo’s long since framed
Every song is sung
All love poems with lust inflamed
Every canvas hung
Now all great architects are dead
But some find subjects new
Half a calf! Bejeweled head!
A talent known to few

Arrange some debris in a heap
Hail it far and wide
Modern art’s a butchered sheep
In formaldehyde
Celebrity’s the newest grail
Talent incidental
Tone-deaf children whine and wail
Their hubris monumental

Now every great work has been famed
Every note is played
So cows and songs are gladly maimed
Entrails then displayed

© Noel Loftus

Damien Hirst is a national disgrace

Noel Loftus is a fellow member of ward9writers from Mayo in the west of Ireland. In his forties, he is married, with two children, and currently works as a buyer for a safety supplies company.