Saturday, 15 September 2012

Moon Landing

There’s a tiny speck of moondust in a window that I know
and it’s gazed at by the people who can see it from below,
it was given by an astronaut, a hero of our day
and now he’s gone to see the stars and ride the milky way.

Neil Armstrong was an astronaut, a hero of our time
and we celebrate his story now in poetry and rhyme,
yet he was such a modest man and shunned publicity
who would have thought that he’d secure immortality.

It was in nineteen sixty nine when three men flew in space
their mission to land on the moon - an international race.
a victory for technology, the Earth left far behind,
and everyone considered it a triumph for mankind.

Armstrong piloted the craft, the lunar module stood
upon a dusty, rocky ground, he saw that it looked good.
And so he walked upon the moon the first small step for man
successfully fulfilling the aim of NASA’s plan.

Now he soars up to the heavens where eagles dare not go,
he rides a pathway to the stars far from the earth we know,
and as the world keeps turning it’s easy to forget
but he will be remembered for mankind owes him a debt.

For on the steps of giants outstanding deeds are won,
Armstrong is remembered now by mostly everyone,
though many are forgotten he carried out a plan
and no lunar wind will blow away his one small step for Man.

©  Wendy Nicholson

Neil Armstrong remembered at public memorial

Wendy is an ecologist studying animals and plants but likes painting, and writing all kinds of poetry.