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Friday, 7 September 2012


since the house become a hollow
the days grown long

the tick of the clock BOOMS

and I find my body no longer cares
to co-ordinate


drink is my demand
drink is demanding me

the hours and the isolation are lamentable

ah, yes
la, laa la, laa

the drink and I tumble
into the night

ni night

© Philip Johnson

Minimum alcohol price 'would save 50,000 pensioners'

Philip's words have appeared in: The Ugly Tree; Poetry Scotland, Emergency Verse, Write Away, Caught In The Net, Red Pencil, Writer's Hood, Transparent Words;  he works in elder care. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Philip,

Nice one, in your usual tone.

Regards, SK

Anonymous said...

I love the opening, very sad

Fran said...

I like the opening too.

hyperCRYPTICal said...


Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this very much - love the economy of words.

David Subacchi