Saturday, 1 September 2012

Farewell Mr Spaceman

Belewe moon (The betrayer)

Is it false to visit twice in one month,
or be the first, once in a lifetime?
Footsteps and memories are all that seem to remain.

You stood there, flew by and back in humility.
Your old friend the moon will be blue today;
hoping that you're once more in tranquillity.

Now you’ve finally returned to where you belong.
Did it really happen all that long time ago?

RIP Neil Alden Armstrong.

© AiJ

Once in a Blue Moon: Second Full Moon of Month Is Friday

AiJ lives and writes in the beautiful Cheshire countyside. Having read at venues across the North West over the past two years, AiJ is now attempting to get work published.


in memoriam, Neil Armstrong

Hey diddle diddle,
The man on the Eagle
Apollo shot up at the Moon.
A half pizza-pie
In a star-spangled sky,
And a wink in the gathering gloom.

© Anthony Baverstock

Statement from the Family of Neil Armstrong

Anthony Baverstock is from Colchester, reputed home of Humpty-Dumpty.


A conspiracy theorist comments on reports of the death of Neil Armstrong

No need to mourn the moon man, folks:
it's just another NASA hoax.

© Gwen Seabourne

Neil Armstrong obituary

Gwen Seabourne is an academic specialising in medieval legal history, who has also published poems and stories in magazines and books, and on the radio, and has read at events including the Bristol International Poetry Festival.