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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

After the typhoon

© Anthony Baverstock

Chinese ships enter Japanese waters over island dispute 
Tracking Typhoons, and other tropical systems in the Western north Pacific

Anthony Baverstock is from Colchester, reputed home of Humpty-Dumpty.


  1. Beautiful, with a sense of foreboding

    1. Thanks Anon – foreboding is exactly the word to describe how I feel. Seeing the world’s 2nd and 6th biggest military spenders bumping chests like this unsettles me.


      I sometimes wonder if despite concerns about a combustible Middle East, the Arch Duck Ferdinand of World War III may turn out to be an ill-fated fisherman hauling nets near a far-flung rock in the Pacific.

  2. Beautiful and it has left me feeling unsettled...

    Anna :o]

    1. Thanks for the comment Anna – doubly thanks, in fact, because if you hadn’t made it, I might not have come back and seen I’d turned a duke into a duck. *^ – ^*

      I don’t know any ducks called Ferdinand, or anything else for that matter, but can’t help wondering now what an arch duck might be like...