Monday, 27 August 2012

Wild About Harry!

The First Manifestation Of Harlotry
(It Taketh Two To Tango)

A blissful couple, young and fair
Once lazed among some apple trees.
And she was dressed with nought to wear
And he was scarcely dressed to please.

She stood upright! Then bent so low.
Divorced a flower from its earth.
She plucked the petals for her beau
While he affected slothful mirth.

And then came words! “He loves me true…”
And held him in her gaze.
And when a kiss she sweetly blew
He coined a universal phrase.

She nodded toward forbidden limb
To ripened fruit remote on high.
And when he stalled, reminded him
“Did He not say ‘Go, Multiply?”

Adamant Eve@Genesis Ch. 3 Verses  4-7

© Noel Loftus

Prince Harry is just being an ordinary young man – and it's good for the monarchy that he is

Noel Loftus is a fellow member of ward9writers from Mayo in the west of Ireland. In his forties, he is married, with two children, and currently works as a buyer for a safety supplies company.

Princes, emperors and a decided lack of clothes

Poor prince prime beef!
A buffoon in the buff!
Sin City to the Sun!
What a laugh! Fair enough!
Press freedom!
Playboy privacy!
the teacup-storming chatter;
And butt-naked birthright?
Look away! It doesn't matter.

© Gwen Seabourne

Sun's Prince Harry pictures: watchdog receives hundreds of complaints

Gwen Seabourne is an academic specialising in medieval legal history, who has also published poems and stories in magazines and books, and on the radio, and has read at events including the Bristol International Poetry Festival.