Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Waiting in Line (Sonnet)

How many hours do we spend in line?
It seems unfair, or fair, I can’t tell which
But, certainly, it uses, wastes our time
Or, does it really? I just felt a twitch.

We waste the hours on cell and internet,
With sharing, posing, hiding, all the same—
When feet can do the walking, yes, and yet
We need some affirmation in the “game.”

These managers took care of attitudes:
Ranged from gripes, to grouchy, read them all,
Concluding that the wait created moods
So sent them packing to another stall.

Now, they get their luggage far away;
Negativity goodbye—so “Hey!”

© Kay Weeks

Why Waiting Is Torture

Kay Weeks. Ellicott City, MD. Worked in national historic preservation for 30 years, Dep’t of Interior, National Park Service, in the policy-setting Wash. DC home office.