Thursday, 9 August 2012

Two Dead in Bamiyan

You see a mind flash
of the picture,
sand and heat,
blue sky and death.
An instant of
absolute quiet
two lives ended.
Incomprehensible to those
back here, and maybe even
to the people involved.
Who might feel as though
they are actors are pawns
being moved around.
But not now.
Now there is only loss,
a numbness.
Hate is the only thing,
that will grow from this.
Questions such as,
"Should we be there now?"
cannot be asked in
the shock of their dying.
Old Man Death
has swung his scythe
and urges us
to silence.

© Hamish Mack

Two New Zealand soldiers killed in Bamiyan province

Hamish is a 51 year old New Zealander, married with 2 children. He has been writing poems for about 3 years, and has had a some published. He also blogs, at Light of Passage.