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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

the Olympic legacy

he ran down for the paper
his pyjama top reminded him
of  the Jamaica running kit
the right colour anyway

he bought his paper
ran back along the road
and into his house
breathing heavily in the hallway

he checked his watch
brilliant he said
to no one in particular
taking out a fag

he worked it out
if he took off
the few minutes chat
to the guy who sold him the paper

and the time he stopped
to wipe his foot after
running through dog muck
and having to slow to nod to the nun

then he would have given
Bolt a run for his money
yes he thought bring on Rio
I’ll be ready

©  Jim Bennett

Can Britain convert gold into legacy?

Author of 67 books and proprietor of Poetry Kit, Jim tours throughout the year giving reading and performances of his poetry and songs.


  1. I like this! Him and million others trying to work out what parts of our lives are anywhere NEAR those of Olympic athletes! My favourite line is 'having to slow to nod to the nun'.

  2. Thank you so much. I apppreciate your comments.