Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Animals´ Olympic Report

The games have begun in the city.
The fight for the medals ain´t pretty.
We heard there were spies
With government ties
Who helped win the gold ­– it’s a pity.

The humans hold games in the city.
We´re watching the races with pity.
We run faster than most.
Yet, we don’t even boast.
We cheetahs are humble and pretty.

The swimmers look slow and amusing.
They think they are flying and cruising.
Without flippers or tail,
Not a chance they’ll prevail.
To dolphins and whales they’d be losing.

We chimps don’t throw javelins ever,
But we are amazingly clever,
For a spear we can throw
With the ease of a pro –
A gold-winning, special endeavor.

It’s hard to watch men when they’re leaping.
Compared to us champions, they’re creeping.
Competition is steep
When we bush babies leap.
If matched against us, they’d be weeping.

We’re watching the games in the city.
The marketing race isn’t pretty.
It’s a fight, we are told,
For the market share gold,
Controlled by the planning committee.

As humans play games in the city,
We watch them with ever more pity,
As their national pride
Makes their champions collide.
     Animal Expert Committee.

© Vala  Hafstad

Vala lives in Minnesota.  She enjoys writing humorous poems.

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