Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Review

What better way to start the week than with a Gold Medal? - which Lavinia Kumar awards to Kofi Anan for his tireless attempts at the hurdles of Syria.

Next Bob Cooper sprinted to us with a Bolt from the blue: Can You Sight-Read This In 10 Seconds?  There have been so many individuals to celebrate, but John Saunders was impressed by What Katy Did in the boxing.

But is it all the Politics of Distraction? asks Abigail Wyatt when '... the field of dreams gleams gold no more / and doubt creeps into our heads'. And in all the Games fever, other news sinks lower in the headlines: like the New Zealand servicemen in Hamish Mack's thoughtful Two Dead in Bamiyan.
We finished with a poem about the fascinating underworld of the Eggplant Revolution from Lavinia Kumar. You will never look at Olympic flower bearers the same after reading this!

Right! I'm off to rustle up a poem about Tom Daley's budgie-smugglers. Keep yours coming too (poems, not budgie-smugglers) ... you may think it's a long shot or that you'll end up on the ropes, but the baton needs passing!

Have a great week

Clare (& Martin)