Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Shut Down: Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida

I woke up in my nightgown,
saw that Waxing Gibbous moon,
and wanted to hold it
to my mother's breast!

Then this, Dear Lord--
You, or That or Some Entity
I now capitalize, but often reject
as invented! Sir Isaac...

Isaac, Sir, or otherwise,
a Tropical Storm of
some consequence,
you are now rolling into Tampa,
with circulation fierce:

You shut it down on Sunday,
and, I for one, believe it true that
there are no accidents. And you?

Republican men, hear this prayer:
Whoever is in charge!
Pierce those cold hearts
with love or fear--or both--
and help them take
all women into their fold
with equity and grace--or drown.

©  Kay Weeks

Republicans Postpone Start of Convention Because of Severe Weather

Kay Weeks. Ellicott City, MD. Worked in national historic preservation for 30 years, Dep’t of Interior, National Park Service, in the policy-setting Wash. DC home office.