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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Now Back To You

Another fence covered with teddybears and balloons,
more stricken newscasters,
who will grow into the story day by day,
shock giving way
to Earnest Frowns

CNN coverage folds back on itself, back
thru Jonesboro, Springfield, Peducah, Oklahoma,
Waco.   If I didn’t
see the date in the corner
of the screen, I wouldn’t be sure

what it was. What a soup,
a stew stirred, Culture the ladle and children peas
floating by, peas and diced carrots,
peeled potatoes, boiling merrily away. Charlton Heston
should SHUT UP, surely,

but there’s more to it
than that. As some commentator said, either
last week or last year,
It’s the heart to
disarm.  It’s the heart.

©  Rose Drew

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Ben Stein on gun control

Rose Drew has hosted open mics for +9 years (www.yorkspokenword.org.uk) and co-owns small press Stairwell Books. She’s published in newspapers, books, journals, including her collection Temporary Safety (2011).


  1. All weapons should be abolished by law. Thanks for raising this issue.

  2. Certainly, automatic weaponry! I was also appalled recently to read that police depts, both with confiscated weapons and those handed in during "amnesties" then turned around and sold them to gun dealers... who can sell them to anyone at gun shows. (PDs used to destroy the guns). So with a little effort, a gang banger who loses a gun can just keep an eye out and buy it back.