Saturday, 11 August 2012

Eggplant Revolution

I sing of purple Olympic escorts

who do not hide in secret hotel rooms

acting for pimps to service a la carte

London men with testosterone aplume.

I sing as they walk with winning athletes

to a podium while plum males simper

behind with medals, flowers, the gold treats

for superjocks, supergirls – they wonder

through required purple and gold make-up

how inequality is never over

in men of power and of lordly clubs

who think only of women as posers.

We all sing loud of gold won by women,

of broken glass clouds, of the shrinking male

potence, of daughters who keenly listen,

who will rail, who will ensure the end of such tales.

© Lavinia Kumar

Men will exclusively serve as medal and flower bearers in Olympics for first time

Lavinia Kumar lives in New Jersey. Her poetry has appeared in several publications, in the US and UK. She writes a blog for her brother’s, based in Portsmouth, NH.