Friday, 24 August 2012

Education deformed

Tougher GCSEs for lesser employment opportunities plus
Tougher GCEs so fewer of us get to complete degrees.
This is not root and branch reform - it is disease,
That shows us pure scorn and should form dis-ease.
Tories making things better? Oh stop... PLEASE!
The web the media weaves may show all idle as slobs,
But iKnow it's not only cos we lost Steve
That there's a shortage of jobs.
There are too many people claiming sick pay they say,
But true we know how they stay cos we nah forget
And though their PR is slick we ain't all thick... yet!
They're screwing all but the top social categories,
As dem feed our faces still, as ever,
Bed-time con-stories filled with market based equality.
In these times of economic bad weather which we witness,
Surely only those who should be in mental nurseries still believe
That we are all in this... together!

© Mark Thompson

Return of O-levels: Michael Gove to get rid of GCSEs in exams shakeup

Mark Thompson is a multiple award winning, self published, performance poet and educator of Anglo-Jamaican heritage. He has a website, tweets as @CCP_MrT and has a blog on