Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wrong Cue

When the blues go viral,
Companies love misery,
Suck lucre from plagues.

In hotel lobbies,
Life coaches schedule miracles.
Score more goals, they urge;

Surrender to the
Moment’s power of here and now    ̶
As if creatures don’t.

Famous gurus swash-buckle
Their way inside heads

Like hitchhikers’ guides
Or galactic Gibranic prophets.
There’s nowhere to hide.

Jeremy Kyle
Sorts simpletons out, gung-ho,
On television.

Doesn’t he? One-man
DSMIV, and much much more,
Suggests the blurb.

Professionals, ‘client-
Centred’, judge suitability,
Engage on their terms.

Disturbed, one flew over
The cuckoo’s nest, long-jumping

A plain ‘how are you’
Forestalls elaboration;
Close counsel is hugged.

New Age bad language
Abounds from self-help mongers.
In wings, Big Pharma’s poised.

What would Lao Tsu say
To koans proliferating
Like primed cluster-bombs?

Or Thoreau, retreating
Not en masse, a la mode,
But discrete, alone?

Not everyone can
Master motorcycle
Repair, or wants to.

Be scotching them we
Must, Yoda’d caution; dart the
Forces of Darkness.

Thinking positive,
Python-esque, is pushed: how come
We’re still not there yet?

Smack ‘em back to flat;
Set to zero, starved, empty  ̶
Need’s where profit’s at.

Manufactured need,
Dimming in the name of light.
No. Turn back. Go native.

 © Caroline Hurley

Is the practice of self-help helpful?

Caroline's poems have been published in e-magazine, The Electric Acorn. She recently returned to post-graduate psychology studies and has also written a novel, short stories, and both a stage and screenplay.