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Saturday, 21 July 2012


is leaking,


soon to be dead

says Julian,

if the funds can’t get through

invisible gatekeepers say no,

Visa, MasterCard, PayPal,

Western Union, Bank of America

have turned off
the life blood,
a sacrifice
to stop further leaks,

jugular payback
snarl the offended,

let’s stop playing monopoly

groans Julian

and fetch a real doctor.

© Gabrielle Bryden

Wikileaks wins court battle against Visa in Iceland over blocked donations

Gabrielle is an Australian poet published in a range of books, print and online journals and on ABC National radio. She blogs at http://gabriellebryden.wordpress.com and tweets as GabrielleBryden.


Stafford Ray said...

Thanks Gabrielle for reminding us that free speech and honesty are on their deathbeds... they always were sick in the homes of government, but now the stakes are higher. A real doctor might prescribe more openness and honesty.

Vala Hafstad said...

Great imagery!

gabriellebryden said...

Thanks Stafford - just have to find a real doctor!

gabriellebryden said...

Thanks Vala :)

hyperCRYPTICal said...

A wonderfully written but sad reminder that freedom of speech is soon to be a thing of the past...

Anna :o]

gabriellebryden said...

Thanks hyperCRYPTICal - let's hope not!

vivinfrance said...

I enjoyed this: irreverent de-bunking poetry is definitely my scene!

47whitebuffalo said...

Ahhh MONEY keeps the whistles blowing. Nice work, Gabrielle.

gabriellebryden said...

hahaha - 'irreverent de-bunking poetry' I like that - should be a category all of it's own among poetry genres - thanks vivinfrance :)

gabriellebryden said...

Thanks 47whitebuffalo - they have to survive on something!

beeblu said...

Great visceral imagery to carry the message

gabriellebryden said...

Thanks bluebee - viscerally vascular ;)

Selma said...

This is brilliant. It shocks me that the banks get away with what they get away with while Julian is treated like a war criminal. It's not right. 'Jugular payback' is a fantastic image.

gabriellebryden said...

Thanks Selma - it is shocking - you can buy guns in the USA, you can buy pornography and snuff movies, you can gamble your life away but you can't fund freedom of information!